HOW IT WORKS : Order Dec. 2-16 for pickup on Dec. 19th.

1) CREATE AN ACCOUNT: Enter your contact info & pick-up location (*delivery will not be available for the holiday market, our apologies). Here is a map of the current pick-up locations: Brines Farm and Slow Farm. The Brines Farm pickup location is self-service off of farmhouse porch. The Slow Farm pickup location is a no-contact pickup – we will place items in your trunk.

2) ORDER: Select “The Market” and begin placing items in your cart. When finished, select “proceed to check out.” There you can verify the quantity of items ordered, leave notes for your growers, choose your pick up location, and pay. You’ll receive a receipt by email. Cards will be run the afternoon/evening of the Saturday pickup. All submitted orders are considered final on Wednesday, Dec. 16th at 5:00pm.

SPECIAL NOTE: To order wild Alaskan line-caught salmon and fish from Shoreline Wild Salmon, please use this link. Billing will be through Shoreline with pickup at Brines Farm or Slow Farm.


Pick up locations and times for Sat, Dec. 19th:
Brines Farm (self-serve on farmhouse porch): 9am-5pm, 6384 Walsh Rd., Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
Slow Farm (no-contact pickup): 9am-11:30am, 4700 Whitmore Lake Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Final Notes:
- Double check the pickup location noted on your receipt/invoice – and remember it for Saturday.
- If we cannot fulfill an item it will be refunded.
- We cannot accommodate late pickups or changes in pickup locations.
- Missed pickups will be donated or returned to vendors.

We appreciate your support and wish you a very safe and happy holiday season!

Hope to see you on the 19th!

The Market Managers have temporarily disabled ordering at this market.


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Bread - Cover Crop Porridge loaf
Grower: Bird Dog Baking
Price: $8.50 ( 1 loaf - 800 grams )
Available (Exact): 0

Sourdough country style loaf made with a porridge of heirloom grains, legumes, and toasted seeds. Farmers use cover crops to ... more
Bread - Michigan Cherry Maple
Grower: Bird Dog Baking
Price: $8.50 ( 1 loaf - 850 grams )
Available (Exact): 0

Country-style panbread, made with local cherries, local maple syrup and rounded out with brown sugar and warm spices. All of ... more
Bread - Whole Wheat sourdough
Grower: Bird Dog Baking
Price: $8.00 ( 1 loaf - 850 grams )
Available (Exact): 0

100% stone-milled, whole-kernel wheat flours. 100% of the nutrients, 100% of the flavor. All of our breads are made with ... more
Bread - Ypsi Sour
Grower: Bird Dog Baking
Price: $8.00 ( 1 loaf - 750 grams )
Available (Exact): 0

our country loaf. made with 100% organic, locally grown, and stone-milled wheat flours, naturally-leavened and slow-fermented (organic whole-grain wheat flour, ... more
Chocolate, Sesame and Halvah Cookies
Grower: Warda Patisserie
Price: $12.00 ( each )
Available (Exact): 8

Addictive. A chewy cookie with Chocolate chunks, toasted sesame seeds, and Halvah. We use Valrhona 60% chocolate Valrhona and Lebanese ... more
Cookie - Oat/Chocolate/Cranberry
Grower: Bird Dog Baking
Price: $6.00 ( 3 cookies )
Available (Exact): -2

Our favorite kind of cookie - tons of texture from rolled and steel-cut oats, and tons of flavor from tart ... more
Financiers (gluten-free)
Grower: Warda Patisserie
Price: $16.00 ( each )
Available (Exact): 18

Our signature Gluten-free Financiers, a moist French cake with crispy edges and a soft heart. Baked with brown butter and ... more
Maple Syrup Marshmallows
Grower: Warda Patisserie
Price: $6.00 ( each )
Available (Exact): 2

We. Love. These. Marshmallows. Made with Organic Maple Syrup only and rolled in Organic Maple Sugar, with zero added refined ... more
Pain D'epices
Grower: Warda Patisserie
Price: $25.00 ( each )
Available (Exact): 9

A favorite of mine during the Holidays, alongside a nice cup of tea, pain d'epice is at the intersection of ... more
Pecan & Blood Orange Gateau (gluten-free)
Grower: Warda Patisserie
Price: $25.00 ( each )
Available (Exact): 14

A super moist Pecan Gateau topped with a Blood Orange Jelly and a silky Coconut Whipped Ganache. Gluten-free. Serves 4. ... more
Rhubarb Hibiscus/Mango Pate de fruits (vegan)
Grower: Warda Patisserie
Price: $15.00 ( each )
Available (Exact): 7

Pate de fruits is a 3 days process of patience, cooking, slicing each pate de fruit by hand, and tossing ... more
Rye cake - pecan and orange
Grower: Bird Dog Baking
Price: $6.50 ( 275g / 9.5oz )
Available (Exact): 3

A teacake made with 100% whole rye flour - organically grown and stone milled in Michigan. Winter's edition features toasted ... more
Winter Granola
Grower: Bird Dog Baking
Price: $6.00 ( 7oz / 200g )
Available (Exact): 0

Our Winter granola rings in the new season with toasted pecans, medjool dates, candied ginger, and local maple. ingredients - ... more