Baseline Farm

Website: www.baselinefarm.com

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Baseline Farm raises grass fed beef cattle and sells grass fed beef direct to consumers. The business is a cow/calf to finish operation, with breeding cows and bulls. Calves are born each year in the spring and grow for two to three years before “harvesting.”

Farmer John Cox owns the cattle and does pretty much all the work they require, with help from friends and family occasionally. The farm land is owned by a local couple who bought the land to conserve it. The cattle business and the farm grounds are both still in “start-up” mode, with lots of infrastructure improvements left to do.

The farm lands and cattle are managed organically. All the farm’s land is perennial pasture or woodlot (and a few ponds). Cows graze the farm during the growing season, moving to a fresh pasture spot daily. Temporary electric fence makes this doable. During the winter, they eat locally grown (non-GMO) hay. Sea salt, kelp meal and minerals provided for the animals are natural and organic. There are a lot “funny things” that are not used, it would be a long list, but to be clear, we do NOT use any hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, grains or grain byproducts, synthetic insect control, herbicides, fungicide, synthetic fertilizer.

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