Cloudberry Farm

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Cloudberry Farm is the culmination of a lifelong dream: a farm where humans, animals, and nature thrive through the use of traditional farming methods which protect and restore the land and make it healthy. Started in 2016, on land just outside Ann Arbor, which hadn’t been farmed since the 1970s, only some stone foundations remained. It took nearly two years before we got water and electricity to our barn and henhouse.

In the meantime, we began to clear away invasive species with the help of a herd of goats, and started raising chickens. Today, a flock of nearly 150 chickens from over 35 different heirloom breeds produce the eggs we sell. Cloudberry chickens are raised without pesticides or chemicals, and only consume certified organic feed. Because they are all different breeds, our chickens lay eggs that vary dramatically in size, shape and color — but they’re all delicious!

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