Bird Dog Baking


We are a sourdough bakery based in Ypsilanti, MI! We’re dedicated to working closely with Michigan farmers using regenerative and ethical practices. 100% of our flour is grown in Michigan and Northern Illinois. All of our breads use 100% organic, stone-milled flours to retain the nutrients and flavor of the grain. All of our breads are naturally leavened and slow-fermented.

Bird Dog Baking Co. is a testament to our passion for the craft of baking, coupled with the sense of responsibility to source locally, ethically and sustainably. We work closely with farmers who value soil health and who aim to create a complete, diverse, and thriving ecosystem which ensures the health and longevity of Michigan’s beautiful landscapes. At Bird Dog, we strive to turn better ingredients into better food to strengthen and nourish our community.

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- Sourdough fermented
- Organic grain + ingredients
- 100% regionally sourced grains
- Stone milled flour
- Supports regenerative growers
- All dairy and eggs sourced from ethical growers
- Locally grown ingredients whenever possible

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