Little House Homestead

Little House Homestead offers eggs and honey. Our goal is to continue to support our local ecosystem and offer additional goods to our community.

Chicken Eggs
We have raised chickens for nearly a decade. Chickens are permanent residents of our property, where they live peacefully in old age. Although their egg production declines over time, their intrinsic value as creatures remains unchanged.
Our chickens free-range safely in our orchard. In addition to what they forage, they are supplemented with vegetarian feed.

Raw, Local, Unfiltered Honey
We began beekeeping five years ago. Similar to the chickens, our bees offer joy beyond their production of delicious honey. In addition to learning to support our hives, we’ve enjoyed experiencing the changes in honey taste and consistency throughout the seasons, and aim to share that experience with you. Located between Whitmore Lake and Ann Arbor, our honeybees have access to nectar and pollen sources from fields of wildflowers, wetlands, woodlands, and even the flowers at Raindance Organic Farm.

When we extract, we use only a coarse filter to remove the wax. To further ensure that the health benefits of the honey are retained, we never heat our honey above the temperature that it would be inside the hive during the summer. This retains the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that make honey good for you.

We aim to manage our hives as responsibly as we can, which includes regularly assessing the health of the hive, taking steps to help them be as strong as possible, and treating only when necessary using medications approved for use by organic beekeepers (we are not certified).

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